Competition time: Win some shoes!


Competition time: Win some shoes!

We’ve just uploaded a corporate(ish) video we shot for GORE-TEX last year which features their new range of footwear (and outerwear) for Police and similar lines of work. I won’t go into the main features of the shoes but I will say that I’d rather be chased by Police wearing traditional boots than any of […]


18 Jun 2012, 7:32 pm



Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff – PureView Sample Shot

Tim 'Livewire' Shieff - PureView Sample Shot

I’m currently playing around with a new phone from Nokia. It’s got that rather awesome PureView camera technology in it. I took this shot on that phone. and actually said “oh shit!” when I saw it on my computer. There’s a LOT more to come in the next few weeks so hold tight – this really is the future of mobile camera technology!

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  • LordofDreams

    Faaar out. I knew this was a mobile imaging revolution but damn this looks like the cover of a car magazine.

  • Subzi

    Woah !

  • Rishabh harit

    hats of to your photography man… i wish i was your student . this is som amazing stuff from a mobile.

  • Rishabh harit

    i thought you are one of the rivals in nfs most wanted ..lolz 

  • HaugMedia

    Nokia 808 and a Windows Surface PRO, that will be my next iteration!

    • claudiuvoicu

       I’ll be joining you in with the Surface Pro!

  • keirux

    There is strobist on this, right?

    • claudiuvoicu

       Just a reflector, I’ve yet to try syncing a strobe with the camera